Advanced Filtering from Home Grid View is now available with 2020 Release Wave 1

While exploring the new features with 2020 Release wave 1, I found the advanced filtering option from Home Grid View. You can find this filter button before the search box on Home Grid View.

Advanced filter looks like below. I applied two more extra filters to the existing “My Active Accounts” view. You can add conditions from the related entity also. Click on “Apply” button to filter the records.

Here is the result after these conditions applied. You can remove the filters by clicking on the below highlighted button.

You can also create a personal view with these conditions from the ribbon button.


Customization of Case Resolution dialog is possible with Release wave 1

There are many features available with Dynamics 365: 2020 Release wave 1. Click here to go through the release plan.

One of the interesting feature, it is now possible to customize the case resolution dialog. We have 3 styles available with the new release.

  1. Standard dialog: This option is default out of box case resolution dialog.
  2. Customizable dialog: You can customize the case resolution dialog with this option by adding or removing fields on Main Form of Case Resolution entity.
  3. Quick create dialog: Quick create form will open if you select this option and you can customize the Quick create Form of Case Resolution entity.

You can also create the business rules under the case resolution entity to apply form validations.

Hope it helps…….