ReviseQuoteRequest: The quote cannot be revised because it is not in closed state

I used “ReviseQuoteRequest” SDK method in one of the plugin to revise the quote. When you revise a quote from UI, first it will close the existing quote and then create a revised version of this quote. So I expected that “ReviseQuoteRequest” also do the same, but I got the “The quote cannot be revised because it is not in closed state” error when I am using the SDK method. After a bit of research, I understood that we have to Close the quote before revise it. So I closed the quote by using “CloseQuoteRequest” and then “ReviseQuoteRequest” which solved my issue. But my suggestion that SDK method should handle the close quote request also internally. Please let me know your thoughts on it.

Customization of Case Resolution dialog is possible with Release wave 1

There are many features available with Dynamics 365: 2020 Release wave 1. Click here to go through the release plan.

One of the interesting feature, it is now possible to customize the case resolution dialog. We have 3 styles available with the new release.

  1. Standard dialog: This option is default out of box case resolution dialog.
  2. Customizable dialog: You can customize the case resolution dialog with this option by adding or removing fields on Main Form of Case Resolution entity.
  3. Quick create dialog: Quick create form will open if you select this option and you can customize the Quick create Form of Case Resolution entity.

You can also create the business rules under the case resolution entity to apply form validations.

Hope it helps…….

Undeclared Property error while migrating lookup data using KingswaySoft adapter

I am using KingswaySoft adapter to migrate the data between MS CRM instances. I am using WebAPI endpoint in the connection string due to the fact that SOAP endpoint is deprecated. But I encountered an issue while writing the data into custom lookup fields and the package is failing with the below error.

An undeclared property ‘aw_accountid’ which only has property annotations in the payload but no property value was found in the payload. In OData, only declared navigation properties and declared named streams can be represented as properties without values.


KingswaySoft adapter making WebAPI calls to create records in MS CRM since I selected WepAPI endpoint in my connection string. But with WebAPI calls, we have to pass entity schema name also to migrate the lookup data and KingswaySoft adapter has no option to pass this data.


Unfortunately, there is no solution at the moment. I contacted KingswaySoft support team and this is the response I got it from them.

As you have already seen, the issue that you have experienced is a limitation on WebAPI, and from the cases we have seen it mainly happens to custom fields. This limitation is documented in our software. We recognize this is a blocking issue, so we recommend to not use WebAPI for the time being until the issue is addressed by Microsoft – we did highlight a number of other issues with WebAPI in our software tooltip in the connection manager. As of now, SOAP is still available and is highly reliable than WebAPI.

So, I solved this issue by changing the endpoint to SOAP in the connection string. Hope Microsoft is working on this issue and will solve asap.

Multiple Organizations issue for the FetchXML reports in Visual Studio

I faced the below issue with connection when trying to run the fetchxml based reports in visual studio. The issue didn’t resolved even after the organization name specified in the connection string.

Cause: It is because of change in TSL support, Microsoft supports only TSL 1.2 going forward.

Solution: Create a new DWORD in registry of the machine where VS is running.

  1. Open registry editor (Run –> regedit)
  2. Navigate to this path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft.NETFramework\v4.0.30319”
  3. Right click on v4.0.30319 folder, select New and then DWORD (32-bit ) value
  4. Provide the values like below
    • Value name: SchUseStrongCrypto
    • Value data: 1
  5. Exit from the registry editor and restart the machine

That’s it, now you can run the fetchxml based report from VS without having any problems. Hope it helps you to resolve this issue.

All about Reference Panels

It’s always a customer requirement to see as much as information possible with out too much scrolling on the form. Now it is possible with Reference Panels, it’s basically concept of tabs inside a tab. With the reference panels, you can place multiple sub grids or quick view forms inside a tab. Let’s see how to do this.

  • Open a Form Designer and then Insert tab
  • Insert One Column tab on the Form and name it as “Reference Panels”
  • Click on “Section” and select “Reference Panel”
  • It will insert a new Section in the tab.
  • Add your sub grids or quick view forms in this section. I added 2 sub grids and 1 quick view form.
  • Save and Publish

This is how it would look like after Publish. Select the buttons in the right hand side to change between the sub grid and quick view forms.

Hope it will help to add plenty of information as per customer need.

Problem with Queue view in Model driven App

Recently we had a problem with Queue view in model driven app. One of my colleague created a model driven app where Queue entity is also part of the app but we identified the Queue view is loading differently compare to standard CRM application.

Queue View in Standard CRM

Queue view in Model Driven App

In Model Drive App, there is no chance to look at Queue items when ever you click on Queue menu item like standard CRM. You have to open the Queue to access Queue items and there are no filters available to filter Queue items.

After a bit of research, I found the view that is loading in Standard CRM is “Queue Items” and not the “Queue”. I opened the site map designer from XrmToolBox and verified the entity that is referring in Queue menu item. The below is the screenshot from Sitemap designer

After changing the entity from Queue to Queue Item in model driven app designer, everything loaded properly.

Hope it helps…..

How to run set of operations as a single transaction in MS Flow

Sometimes we need to perform set of operations as a transaction which means if one operation fails in a set of operations, we have to roll back all the operations in that transaction. For example, in your Flow you are creating a record followed by update record, it is necessary that both of these operations should complete successfully otherwise you should not run any of them. Now, you can do such things using Changeset control of MS Flow.

As of now, you can perform Create, Update and Delete operations only (CDS) in Changeset request.

Note: Common Data Service(Current Environment) is visible only when you create a Flow inside a solution.

Try this feature….

How to open a modal popup in Dynamics 365

In one of my previous post, I explained how to use navigateTo() function to navigate to entity view. But with this function, we can do lot more like navigate to dashboards and open modal popups (html web resources) which is most awaiting feature since long back. So, finally we can open a html web resource from a ribbon button click with OOB functions.

Please follow this link to know how to use this.

Thanks Gopinath for sharing this.

Scope with CDS triggers in MS Power Automate (MS Flow)

Now you can use Scope to restrict the execution of power automate (Flow). This functionality works exactly like the Scope filed on OOB Workflow. For ex: if you select “BusinessUnit” as a Scope for any of your power automate, it will trigger for all users of the same business unit of the context user.

Power Automate extending it’s functionality day by day, isn’t it?

Generate a Quote as PDF and send Email to customer

Now there is an OOB feature introduced to generate a quote as PDF and send it to customer with a single button click. I remember the days that I spent so much time to develop this functionality but now, it’s a OOB feature with a single click. You have to enable this feature under “Sales Hub” App settings.

After enabling this feature, you can see a new button “Email as PDF” on Quote form to perform this action.

As of now it is available in 2 templates. Once you click on any of the button, Email will open with pre filled data and quote (PDF) as an attachment.

Hope this feature will be enabled on other entities also in future.