All about XRM.Tools

Today while exploring new stuff, I found very interesting tool for developers which is called XRM.Tools. I would like to share this with all of you. It provides a set of tools which gives you overall picture on particular things like Security Roles, Business Rules, Server Trigger and etc. The main advantage with this tool is, no need to download or install unlike XRM ToolBox (everything in cloud)

Available Tools under XRM.Tools

  1. Business Rule Explorer
  2. Security Role Explorer
  3. Server Trigger Explorer
  4. Access Token Generator
  5. Web API Builder
  6. Auto Number Creator
  7. Record Counts
  8. Azure Region Check

I would recommend everyone to go through this link where David Yack explained everything about how to use this tool.

Note: As a developer, you have a chance to build and contribute a new tool.


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