How to remove unwanted PowerApp parameters in MS Flow

Recently I worked on one PowerApp which will call the MS Flow to perform my action. Initially, I created a Flow with 8 parameters and passing the values from PowerApp but at the end I realized that I can perform my action with 6 parameters in MS Flow, so decided to delete the extra 2 parameters as my PowerApp is expecting the value for those parameters which are not required. There is no direct approach to delete the parameters in Flow, I think Microsoft still working on this issue but there is workaround to do this


  1. Delete the PowerApp trigger on the top of the MS Flow and you see a message box “This step and associated dynamic content will be deleted from this flow.”
  2. Click on OK (It won’t affect the actions in your flow)
  3. Add the PowerApp trigger again, this should give you a chance to provide a new dynamic content.

I know it’s not a best approach but as of now we don’t have any better way to resolve this issue. Hope it helps….


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