MS Flow is an alternative for Dialog

We all know that dialogs should be replaced with either BPF or Canvas App as dialogs were deprecated in Dynamics 365 CE, but what if we want a simple dialog which will accept some custom parameters and use those values to process the business logic? The best alternative for this scenario is MS Flows. We can create a Flow and call explicitly from “Flow” button on the CRM record. For this, we need to create a Flow with the trigger “Common Data Service –> When the record is selected”. Take an example to convert a lead to opportunity based on some parameters. The below is the Flow that I developed.

After the Flow creation, you can see this Flow from the Lead entity records like below.

The Flow will open the dialog like below with set of questions that we defined above once you click on “Qualify Lead” button.

Click on “Run Flow” button to execute the Flow

Your flow executed successfully and created an opportunity record.

With this, we can create simple dialogs very easily with out any extra efforts. Hope this will be useful for other developers.


3 thoughts on “MS Flow is an alternative for Dialog

  1. Hi Phani,

    Great post. I’m working on a similar flow myself right now and I like the flexibility Flow gives you in this regard.

    Do you know if it is possible to somehow show or go the URL of the record(s) that are created using the flow? That would increase the user-friendliness a lot.

    1. Hi Niels,

      Sorry for the late response. AFAIK, we don’t have that flexibility with the Flows, if I am not wrong we don’t have this option in Dialog as well but as an alternative we can send mail to a group / user on create of records 🙂 hopefully you would have considered this option already. But it’s a good idea to have that feature. I will post here if I found any way to do this.

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