Use visual controls + calculated fields to create an in-form dashboard

Want to add some sizzle to you form configuration? Phil Dudovicz recommends using visual controls with calculated fields to create a nice looking dashboard in your Dynamics 365 Unified Interface form. The following is an example of an investor form that visually displays relevant investor data.

Let’s take a closer look at how this is built:

  1. Current Year return

  • Calculated Field
  • Data Type: Decimal Number
  • Field Type: Calculated
  • ((new_investmentvalue – new_investmentvaluejan1) / new_investmentvalue) * 100
  • Control: Arc Knob
  • Value: hsl_currentyearreturn
  • Min: .1
  • Max: 15
  • Step: .1

2. Return vs. Goal

  • Data Type: Decimal Number
  • Field Type: Calculated
  • (new_investmentvalue / new_investmentgoal) * 100
  • Control: Arc Knob
  • Value: hsl_goalprogress
  • Min: 0
  • Max: 100
  • Step: 1

By combining visual controls with calculated fields you can easily add visual context to a record and give your users a richer user experience.

Or condition between linked entities or multiple entites in MSCRM Fetchxml

We got a requirement to create view on Accounts which I own or which I am following. In this scenario we may not able to apply “OR” condition for the filters as the filters are split between the two entities (Account and Follows). We can achieve this using the below fetchxml but we can’t build this through Advanced Find. So either we can create a View through code or provide a report with the below fetchxml.



Hope it helps.

Set Default View to Inline Lookup View

Recently we got a requirement to set default view for marketing list inline lookup view on Contact Form. As we can’t customize the inline lookup view directly on Form editor, we need to write a piece of JS code to achieve this. The tricky part is to get the control name of the inline lookup. You can access the control like “lookup_subgridname” (case sensitive), for ex, in my case: “lookup_Marketinglisten”. We need to use “setTimeout” as the control will take some time to load on the Form.

JS Code (Form OnLoad event)

function filterMarketingListInlineLookupView() {
var marketingListInlineLookup = Xrm.Page.getControl(“lookup_Marketinglisten“);
if (marketingListInlineLookup) {
var activeMarketingListViewId = “{4bee031e-04d6-e811-8160-5065f38a4a31}”;
var defaultView = marketingListInlineLookup.getDefaultView();
if (defaultView != activeMarketingListViewId) {
setTimeout(function () { filterMarketingListInlineLookupView(); }, 500);

Hope it helps.